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About Color In Reverse

Updated: Oct 22

About Color In Reverse

Updated: May 10

The Name

The Tao of name Color In Revere Is simple

To every color exists a duality, and to every heart a mirror.

The image that we see when looking at a color, and the reverse of that same image are two sides of the same coin.

For example, the colors Green and Pink share a connection.

When you reverse the color pink, you end up with green, and vice versa. Therefore, we perceive (Pink) to be the true nature of a color, but only by creating the negative of that same color can one reveal its hidden nature. Furthermore, these opposite colors compliment each other well visually and are interconnected.

People are like colors in this way.

we all have many shades and layers to our consciousness and personality.

The world could ether be a light, or dark place depending on our abilities to prosses and interoperate the situations we find ourselves in.

Sometimes we see good things as negative, sometimes we see negative things as good. We shape our reality through the feelings. and perspectives we acquired in our early development, and it is up to us to navigate those beliefs to find the true reality

Just as reversing colors reveals the interconnectedness of the entire color wheel, we as humans are all interconnected, and shaping our reality together

The name Color In Reverse explores the relationship between emotion and perception, and encourages one to examine a hidden world within oneself. The aim is to view time as something nonlinear and ever changing along with our beliefs and understandings

It opens a doorway that allows for us to imagine a world that could be different

Your perception shapes your reality, so it is important to understand what narrative you are creating for your personalized world.

The sound

As someone who has always been collective when it came to music. I wanted listeners to experience the sound of Color In Reverse as music that is limitless. Instead of genres, I wanted to give you a sense of it being its own thing, its own playlist, and its own radio station.

I believe that we shouldn’t limit our character to only vibe with one type of energy. instead we should embrace the unique vibes each genre puts out and feel their message.

The aim of this project is to meet listeners in the darkest places and remind them that we are all the same, because we are all humans doing our best. The intent behind my writing is to unite all those in the dark so that we can create the light we are seeking We can’t just abandon ourselves and replace ourselves with something artificial and expect to feel real love. We are more than a collection of social media photos, we are alive, we are human, and we deserve to be heard and felt.

That’s the kind of space I seek to create with my art



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