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About Color In Reverse

Updated: May 11

The Name

The name Color In Reverse explores the relationship between emotion and perception. Specifically in regards to the ways in which we interpenetrate the beauty and sadness present in our own lives. Our darkest of moments can be our greatest teachers. It is important to appreciate our lessons and the good things already peasant in our lives

By nature, the name encourages one to examine a hidden world within oneself. In addition, to see time as something nonlinear.

The name Color In Reverse engages you to imagine a world that could be different depending on what perspective your observing from. Your perception shapes your reality so it is important to understand what narrative you are creating for yourself.

The sound

When I first discovered my musical taste, I listened to more music from Japan than anywhere ells. It was great because I did not have to understand the meaning of the words to understand the feelings behind them. The vocal melodies of Japanese music combined with the instrumentation sounded like something familiar, yet significantly unique and original, which is what I am all about.

A Reason For Existence

The aim of this project is to meet listeners in the darkest places and remind them that we are all the same, because we are all humans doing our best. Though I mostly just wright about things I’m dealing with in the moment, The intent behind my writing is to unite all those in the dark so that we may create the light we are seeking both in our own lives, and in the world around us.

People often complain about Pop music lacking real complexity, or deep inquiry. I dont feel that songs necessarily have to incorporate those elements to be considered "good music", but I'm definitely about music that does delve deep into the nature of the human condition. That’s the reason I want to create decent music while expressing the things that no one ells understands about us. Life is beautiful, and the world is a mystical place worth enjoying. Above all its euphoric bounties lie that of love and human connection which is slowly becoming a dead concept in our modern society.

We are great on our own withought buying a certain thing, or looking a certain way. Our appearances and our collective lived achievements don’t make us what we are, it’s our connection to each other that brings real long lived joy.

We cant just abandon ourselves and replace ourselves with something artificial and expect to feel real love. We are more then a collection of social media photos, we are alive, we are human, and we deserve to heard and felt.

That’s the kind of space I seek to creat with my art



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